[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase and rex tv_grab_au script home dir issue.

Max Barry mythtv at maxbarry.com
Tue Aug 22 07:03:59 UTC 2006

Michael Carmody wrote:
> The rex 1.2.1 script has beenfailing for me because it seems to be being
> passed a weird location for the config file or cannot determine the home dir
> for the path.
> I get an output of:
> Configuration
> -------------
> Config file: //.mythtv/NineMSN.xmltv
> Cache file : /.rex/cache.dat
> Output file: /tmp/mythaMEFhI
> TimeZone : +1000
> Region ID :
> Pay Region : 0
> Days wanted: 5 (offset: 0)
> Subscribed channels:
> Aborting configuration.
> In which tv-grab-au rex is not being passed a valid config file and so
> launches the --configuration side of things.
> Whis mythfilldatabase passing this config file ?
> The Cache file weirdness i tracked down to ENV{HOME}, and hardcoded it to get
> the correct cache file path, but can't seem to find where the config fiel is
> picking up or being passed to correct it.
> What is weird about my setup that does not affect others ? My mfdb is
> scheduled from within Myth, do others do differently ?
> -Michael 

I've made a few changes to try to sort this out. Try the new version
(attached and at http://www.whuffy.com/tv_grab_au/).

I don't know why some people (you and Michael Cheshire, so far) are
seeing Rex run without an $ENV{HOME}. Maybe it only happens to Michaels.
But Rex will now default to /var/local/ in these cases. Uh, in the case
of no $ENV{HOME}, I mean, not the user being named Michael.

You might need to move your rex.conf file there.

People running Rex without any problems may not want to upgrade right
away, since I don't test my code much.


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