[mythtv-users] Delete the DB

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Tue Aug 22 01:12:19 UTC 2006

jonr at destar.net wrote:
> I want to delete my DB and recreate it on a running system, how would I do this?
> Can someone give me a link or a howto that I can use?
> Thanks for any advice,
> Jon

As long as you understand that you will need to completely re-setup Myth 
when you do this....you may want to take a backup first.

Delete DB:
(from the commandline)

# mysqladmin -u root -p drop mythconverg

You will be asked for your mysql password and when typed in, you will be 
asked for confirmation.

To recreate the DB:
first find out where mc.sql is:
# locate mc.sql

# mysql -u root -p < [where-ever-mc.sql-is]/mc.sql
This creates the DB (empty)

start mythtv-setup - the tables (structure) will be automatically 
created. Start  setting up MythTV again from scratch.


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