[mythtv-users] Onscreen remote controllable keyboard

Luke Rosenthal mythtv at harderstuff.net
Tue Aug 22 00:10:36 UTC 2006

> I am sure at some stage I saw an onscreen keyboard pop up on my mythtv
> screen, meaning that it was easy(er) to input text into some of the
> onscreen dialog boxes.

It occasionally comes up for me when I'm careless with keypresses in a
text entry field, eg. in setup screens.

> Was this a dream? I cannot find out anything about it now, nor can I
> make it appear.

I don't know the exact keystrokes I pressed (I'm using myth with a
conventional keyboard and no remote until I get it working the way I
want), but it was something like right arrow a few times.  Sorry I can't
be more specific.  I do know it was triggered by careless presses of arrow
or tab in text fields, before the text field was being edited (eg as you
have just "tabbed" to it, but before you start typing).


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