[mythtv-users] Change Channel Script for Myth TV with Hathway DVB

Ramanraj Vamsi ramanrajvamsi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 09:41:06 UTC 2006


My Build  :
Suse 10.0
Hauppauge PVR 150
DVB :HUMAX ND-1000C,Hathw at y.

I build Myth TV using RPMs and it is going well,but giving a serious problem
when scheduling programs. I am able to record the channels if I gave the
connection directly to my card instead of using the DVB box,but with this
not all channels are available.So, I 'm trying to use DVB box set up to have
all the channels available.
I haven't set up IR Blaster Remote and just using the HathWay remote and
keyboard to change the channels
I Scanned the channels for Tuner,composite 0,S-Video but nothing recording
the program except a blank screen.I can able to watch Live tv but when i
tried to record a particular channel it is failing to do the same.I am in a
big confusion how to succeed in recording channels.

I am from India and I have n't had Grabber here.Even I don't know into which
channel it scanned all the channels and which channel number to give while
scheduling the recordings?

So,I want to put a Change Channel Script in user job and try scheduling ,but
I don't know what was the exact script to use .
I tried google and mythtv wiki and gossamer threads but nothing gave the
exact script for my hathw at y cable box.I don't want to mess-up things by
trying some random script.

So,please help me regarding this.

Thank you.
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