[mythtv-users] snd-bt87x not detected?

Eric Hattemer eric at hattenator.dyndns.org
Mon Aug 21 08:20:13 UTC 2006

So I've been using mythtv without real problems for a couple of years
now.  My machine was running fedora 4 with kernel 2.6.9 for the longest
time, and I couldn't remember why.  Fedora kept counting up the kernels,
but I stuck to that version.  I finally upgraded to fedora 5 and now I
remember why I stuck to 2.6.9.  Every kernel since has made my sound
work poorly if at all. 

I have an ATi TV Wonder.  It uses the bttv module, and the video works
great.  I believe the msp3400 module is involved in the sound.  I also
believe I used to run the btaudio module without the bt878 module.  When
I upgraded, the bt878 module became autodetected.  The bt878 module
seems to fail to load.  The snd-bt87x module fails to create an alsa
card.  I've been working and searching all day to no avail. 

With neither the btaudio nor snd-bt87x modules loaded, I can hear faint
sound if I crank the volume up.  I believe I need something to turn the
CD-size output on the card on.  I believe what I need is for snd-bt87x
to create an alsa card that I can control the volume on. 

Fedora 5 dropped all OSS.  There is no btaudio.  With bt878 and
snd_bt87x and the CD input cranked all the way up, I could hear some
tiny sound.  I compiled my own kernel.  I modprobed btaudio without
snd-bt87x.  I connected mythtv-setup to /dev/dsp1 (never remember doing
that before).  I managed to get good volume audio, but the video files
are not synchronized with audio and video anymore, and the audio

I believe the earlier kernel modules magically turned the volume on the
card up loud enough that I could tape it on /dev/dsp using the CD

Here is the main portion of my modules.conf (I have tried it with either
set of alsa/oss bt audio modules commented):

alias char-major-81 bttv
options char-major-81 card=63 gbuffers=4 automute=0 tuner=2
alias tuner0 tuner

alias snd-card-0 snd-intel8x0
options snd-card-0 index=0 

alias snd-card-1 snd-bt87x
alias sound-slot-1 snd-bt87x
options snd-card-1 index=1

#alias sound-slot-2      btaudio
#alias sound-service-2-0 btaudio

If I try it with snd-bt87x, I don't end up with any bt card in
[root at hattenator]~# cat /proc/asound/cards
 0 [CK8            ]: NFORCE - NVidia CK8
                      NVidia CK8 with ALC655 at 0xe1004000, irq 193
[root at hattenator]~#    

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