[mythtv-users] MySQL Connection Problems

Will Constable willconstable at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 21:11:37 UTC 2006

I have a single machine setup and yet I have managed to cause connection
problems.  Today I decided to change my hostname from default
(localhost.localdomain) to the hostname I'm used to my file server being.
This way I can map network shares from windows computers using hostname
instead of ip address, which keeps changing.  


Upon changing my hostname, mythtv broke.  I thought it would be an easy fix
of changing ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt to reflect the new hostname.  After
tinkering with both root's and the user 'myth' who autologons and autoruns
the frontend, it still does not work.  I have tried playing with granting
privileges on mysql after reading other peoples problems, but im not sure if
this is actually the problem, but if it is I don't know enough about mysql
commands to figure it out.  


Mythtvsetup runs but does not seem to reflect my previous settings,
suggesting it does not connect to the DB.  It does seem to have connected
though, so hopefully that doesn't mean it trashed the contents of the DB.


Essentially, I have a crippled system and after a few hours of attempts I
can't really be sure what values various settings had earlier and how to get
things working again.  As a last resort I could delete the database and
reset the whole thing, but I really want to preserve it.  Any suggestions?



Thanks for your time!



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