[mythtv-users] Recording audio with ALSA (mythtv-setup)

Kraig kraigmyth at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 18:58:46 UTC 2006

I have the audio out from my analog capture card routed to the audio in of
my mobo.  tvtime plays video and audio fine.

I can't figure out how to get mythbackend to capture from ALSA:default.

In mythtv-setup, capture card setup, audio device says "(None)".  I tried
typing in ALSA:various but when I finish and come back in, it says "(None)".

"(None)" is my only option because I wasn't having any luck with OSS either,
so I took out OSS compatibility and recompiled (I'm using Gentoo.)  (When I
had OSS, other apps like tvtime worked fine as well.)

Suggestions for getting mythtv to record my line in?

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