[mythtv-users] Once started, ripping a CD can't be stopped?

James Buckley xanium4332 at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 20 10:17:29 UTC 2006

I would guess that stopping a CD in-min-burning would just render it
unusuable, so letting it finish (even if it's not what you wanted) would
probably be the best thing to do anyway, unless your stuck for time.

Maybe it's done that way so u don't accidently cancel a CD/DVD


On 20/08/06, Jason <jhaar-mythtv at whanau.org> wrote:
> Hi there
> Says it all really. I am using minimyth, and when I start ripping a CD,
> it doesn't seem to be stoppable. All the standard minimyth "back"
> commands/etc don't seem to do anything. (I'm hoping I got this right in
> saying this is a general MythTV issue and not a minimyth one. 50/50 ;-)
> Is there some reason behind that? I ended up having to telnet in and
> kill mythfrontend to end it :-(
> Thanks for any explanation
> Jason
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