[mythtv-users] Tuner Audio

Luke Rosenthal mythtv at harderstuff.net
Sun Aug 20 09:42:45 UTC 2006

> I have an onboard AC'97 sound adapter.  I am plugging the audio lineout
> of my capture card into the linein of my ac'97 sound device.  What needs
> to be set to record audio?  I assume I use alsamixer?  Is the "Line"
> device and the "Capture" device supposed to be set to capture?  Are both
> Line and
> Capture supposed to be set to Mute?  After spending about 30 minutes
> fiddling, I managed to get some form of digital recorded audio using
> mencoder and the audio cable plugged into my "Mic" input on the AC'97
> device.  Although it had a deafening high pitch background noise.

I had the same problem, and somebody suggested trying a sample rate of
48000Hz instead of 44100Hz.  Unfortunately I didn't get to test this as
I've just replaced my analog (v4l) card with a DVB card.


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