[mythtv-users] Mythtv/Mysql running slow and crashing

G S spitfirer24 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 20 04:39:54 UTC 2006

Fedora Core 4
MythTV latest build from ATrpms
Celeron 1.1Ghz
Hauppauge PVR 350 running X on S-Video out

Yesterday I tried to connect my external hard drive to my Myth box to use it with MythVideo. It all seemed to work at first, I plugged in the drive and installed the NTFS package off the internet. I set the MythVideo options to look at the external drive for videos and it loaded them all up in the database fairly quickly. However, after that everything has been running incredibly slow. 

I tried to change the directory MythVideo was looking at but whenever I seemed to enter the Videos part of the media settings everything just slows to almost a halt. It takes 5 minutes (literally) to go through each menu screen at this point. When I did get to the menu screen to change the video directory, mySql crashed. I eventually got it restarted but then the backend and frontend crashed. After fooling around with restarting the backend and mysql at the right times I got the directory changed and the video database cleared. However, everything is still running slow. Furthermore, when I start up the frontend after a reboot, mySQL crashes and the frontend loads up as if it's never been setup before (asking for language etc). Even after restarting mySQL the upcoming recordings, viewing recordings, etc is slow. Basically, it seems like anything to do with the database.

I've tried to repair the database with mysqlcheck ... but that found no problems with the database. I've updated to the latest version of mysql. I've disconnected the external drive and made a backup of the database as it is now. I'm in the process of transferring all the video files off the machine so I can reformat and put on Fedora 5. However, I'm concerned that when I restore the database the problem will still be around. So I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. 

Also, is there a way where I can just restore what I've recorded and what recordings I've deleted for after I've formatted the machine? That way I can only restore the parts of the database I need and I won't get caught with the bad portions.

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