[mythtv-users] Error was encountered while displaying video. WithHD-3000

Jeff jeff at propixs.com
Sun Aug 20 04:18:41 UTC 2006

Mathew Elliot wrote:
> I too get this problem - but only since re-formatting with ext3 file system.
> I'm thinking because of the way myth now deals with liveTV recordings when a
> new program is starting a new file is created for the new program. If the
> reader tries to read this file before it's actually created/started writing
> to it goes a bit crazy! I didn't have this problem when I was using xfs (I
> don't recall having the problem anyway) however that stopped me downsizing
> an LVM - so I reformatted with ext3 - and then it started. I don't think HD
> performance is an issue as  
> hdparm -t /dev/sda1
> /dev/sda1:
>  Timing buffered disk reads:  100 MB in  1.79 seconds =  55.92 MB/sec
> Which should be plenty!
> Will be rebuilding to a separate BE/FE solution soon and would be interested
> if anyone can suggest a decent FS which has good LVM flexibility (i.e. can
> be shrunk as well as grown!)
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> WithHD-3000
> With the latest 19.1-fixes at every show break while watch livetv using 
> my HD-3000 I get the "Error was encountered while displaying video".  
> When watching from the pvr350 it works "ok" an occational lockup with 
> livetv but not too bad.  I'm wondering if it might be hard drive 
> performance related but really don't want to completely rebuild the 
> system just for a test.  Currently I'm using a single  drive  that is 
> dedicated to mythtv recordings.
> Does anyone thing that that could possibly be fixed by striping the hard 
> disks maybe a raid 10? 
> Thanks
> Jeff
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I'm using XFS and of course this started with the .19 release.  The only 
reason I was leaning towards Hard drive performance was the fact that it 
doesn't have the same kind of error with changing streams on analog.  
Also, this is a BE/FE combo.

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