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Jim Minihane MythTV at minihane.tzo.com
Thu Aug 17 14:39:00 UTC 2006

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> > BAD A**!
> > Wouldn't you need 2 machines to have different things playing on
> front and
> > rear?
> Well I'm thinking mplayer or xine can play on certain screens by
> passing the -vo parameter to the play line. I'm thinking I'll need a
> dualheaded video card for the rear which I have. An old Matrox
> something or other that is PCI.
> It should play okay so long as I cut the resolution down at rip time.
> The lilliput 7" widescreen screens look like the ticket.
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You'll have to post links to pictures of the finished product. Documenting
the process would be a huge help for those of us NOT yet attempting
something like that. Definitely cool system.

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