[mythtv-users] ModeLine for old tv?

Björn Lundin bnl at spray.se
Thu Aug 17 06:24:49 UTC 2006

I've setup a fairly good working Myth system on Ubuntu Dapper Drake.
The Backend, will most of the time serve as frontend too.

I'm using an old nVidia Gforce2 mx 400 card, and using its TV-out
to a scart/svideo->composite converter to a 15 year old tv. (PAL)

But the picture is not as large as it 'could' be, ie I got black  
frames around the picure.

(this system occationly runs Geexbox, which also uses mplayer,
but without X. It scales up to 'fit' the entire screen)

Now, I think ModeLine is the cure for me.
Is there any setting that is the predominant one for a system like this?

I've googled, and found quite a few examples, but I do not understand  
the difference between them,
Do I want 640x480 or 800x600? Will a tv-show look the same in both  

So ModeLine for
- old tv
- old nVidia graphics, tvout
- PAL-B (Sweden)
- Only monitor, ie no CRT connected.
- That will make a tv-show via LiveTv be the same size as when  
watching TV directly, without Myth

Is there such a beast?


Björn Lundin


Björn Lundin
b dot f dot lundin at gmail dot com

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