[mythtv-users] Two video issues (VGA + PVR-350)

Nick Danger nick at hackermonkey.com
Thu Aug 17 02:00:02 UTC 2006

I have a Fecora Core 4 box with MythTV installed and running using the VGA out
on my screen. It works well except for the screen size. For some views the
screen doesnt draw correclty.

For example, on this page, we can clearly see the menu options and the buttons
at the bottom of the page.
Only on some of my config pages, I do not. If I select utilities -> setup ->
appearance, I see no buttons. I know they are there, I have to
select the "Continue" or "Back" based on how many times I press the arrows :-)
Why don't they show up?

Im guessing this size has to do with video size, but I dont know where to
select. TV viewing is fine, but the box around the channel/description is not
complete, there is no bottom line, but I don't know if thats weird or normal.
X (Kde) works perfect, no weirdness in size. I DID use one of the video
submenus to set the MythTV size to something like 616x456 and it ran in a
smaller window ON my desktop, but again, the bottom buttons were missing from

Lastly, I'd love to get the TV output working on the card. Composite or
something. NOT x, just the MythTV output. Unfortunately I cant find a how to? I
find lots of stuff specific to various things (KnoppMyth etc) but at this point
I can't even decide if its a MythTV setting, a FC4 setting, or something with
the ivtv module.

Thanks :-)

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