[mythtv-users] Master backend/storage, 1 or 2 machines?

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 00:12:34 UTC 2006

On 8/16/06, Jim Minihane <MythTV at minihane.tzo.com> wrote:
> You said it. Start with the questions...
> The "Master" is a small desktop. No room for PVR-500s. The slave backends
> are 1GHz P-IIIs with 5 PCI case slots. Each PVR-500 requires 2 case slots
> becaue of the secondary S-Video input. I also have to add a serial port
> card to each so that each slave has 4 S-Video inputs and 4 serial ports.
> I was thinking about the network traffic issue. I could add a NIC to the
> Master and have the slaves connected to it and the onboard NIC connect to
> the frontends.
> So...
> Would an additional NIC aleviate traffic issues? 8KBps*8 encoders.
> I'd start with a 4 disk array of eSATA drives RAID-5. If that proves to be
> too much I could add another 4 drive array. Although I doubt it would fail
> to be enough.
> The reason for the dedication of duties is that all the tuners, encoders,
> master/slaves will be in the basement. I only want a frontend at each TV.
> Thanks for the tip on the network. But my real concern is...
> Will a 1.8GHz P-4 be enough to serve as master backend (no encoders) AND
> as file storage as well?
> Thanks again.

put the Recording Drive in one of the computers with the tuners, that
will alleviate some traffic (not that it will necesarily be that much,
but you want to avoid ever running into a bottleneck).

As well, why bother with the third computer for a master backend? Just
make the computer with the recording drive the master.

The 1.8GHz P4 should be more than enough for recording and RAID
duties. commflagging may not be all that speedy, though, but it runs
nice'd so it should be a problem.

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