[mythtv-users] Hauppauge WinTV GO-Plus

Robbie rob at nightlance.com
Wed Aug 16 11:17:08 UTC 2006


   I'm currently using Hauppauge WinTV GO-Plus and the newest myth distro.
Everything was working correctly on the old myth distro that i was
using but i  ran out of space on the box and it caused other issues
when it locked up b/c of no space so I figured I would go play with the
newest version of myth distro.

So i got it...  installed it...  and everything is happy...   but!

The issue I'm having is it trying to scan for channels. :*(
It finds none.
All card inputs are found (tel, svid, comp. 1 and comp. 2) but no channels
are found on any settings.

I did check the cable going into the box by hooking it up to a tv and all
is happy.

just when i go to do a search for channels it does not find anything.

where do i start??

/etc/mythtv/modules/bttv  ??

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