[mythtv-users] When is .20 coming?

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Wed Aug 16 16:38:13 UTC 2006

So I have to be a bit pushy and ask....

With 42 outstanding issues, is that a week, two, a month, more........?
Are they allways all fixed before a release?
Speculation?  Educated speculation maybe?

Quoting Phill Wiggin <alamar at gmail.com>:

>> > So, to those that are knowledgeable, my question is 2-fold:
>> >
>> > 1) When anticipating a release, what should we look at on trac? (The #
>> > of open tickets on the milestone that's releasing?)
>> Yes
>> > 2) How does SVN Head fit in with the milestones listed in trac? (I
>> > assume this is a standard practice when using svn, and if someone
>> > knows of a well-written howto/explaination, a link would be greatly
>> > appreciated.
>> SVN Head is the current source code with all patches applied that will
>> be released in the next milestone. So tickets set for 0.21 that
>> include patches have not been applied. 0.21 ticket patches exist for
>> those dev's that wish to track the patches and apply them manually.
>> Once 0.20 is released and a 0.20-fixes branch is created
>> Isaac/Daniel/etc will begin looking at the tickets slated for 0.21 to
>> apply to head (which will eventually, at this point, become 0.21).
>> Many times branches to HEAD are created (like Daniels DVB-EIT rewrite
>> branch) for large code changes so that specific areas can be worked on
>> without affecting other dev's (since many times these changes will
>> break the code for "extended" periods of time), and eventually get
>> merged back in when they feel its ready for general testing.
>> Hope this helps!
> Thanks Steve, that cleared it right up for me. It's good to know I
> wasn't _too_ far off-track. =)
> I'm looking forward to all the great stuff in .20. Thanks, devs!
> --Phill W.
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