[mythtv-users] Babelbox: A potentially useful new low-cost frontend?

Daniel Walton dwalton at cisco.com
Wed Aug 16 14:49:17 UTC 2006

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Luke Rosenthal wrote:

> >> Don't know what the cost of one is in the UK, but in the US, we can
> >> get XBoxes for about $129, which is less than half of the cost of the
> >> BableBox. Plus, MythTV is already running on it (somewhat slowly,
> >> though, due to low RAM).
> >
> > Yeah, but it's big, damn ugly, power hungry and doesn't have nicities
> > like an IR port. And of course there's the fact that it was made by MS,
> > meaning it'll eat your pets, crap on the floor, and then slit your throat
> > while you sleep ;-) --
> > Steve Boddy
> Would MythFrontend work on PC104 hardware?  633mHz processor, 256mb RAM,
> 20gb IDE laptop hard drive, onboard everything (inc 100mbit LAN,
> integrated graphics, not sure what kind).  I've got FC3 running on it
> fine, but not X, yet.
> While we're on the topic of Myth on Xbox running slowly, how slow is
> slowly?  Can the Xbox have more ram installed?

There are companies that will upgrade an xbox to 128M of ram but you have to
ship them your xbox.


> One more question (sorry, I lurk, and rarely post, so I end up collecting
> related questions in my head, then firing them all off at once) - I have
> Myth front & backend running on a 2gHz P4, 1gb RAM.  Performance when
> moving around in the menus is really sluggish.  It watches livetv fine,
> recordings are fine, even skipping around in the recordings is ok, but
> keypresses on the keyboard take ages to respond.  The worst offender is
> the interface to previous recordings.  It's like mythfrontend is waiting
> for some other input on the keyboard or something.  I haven't gotten
> around to getting the remote working yet (I'm one of those having trouble
> with the DViCO Dual Digital driver).  Any comments?  It's usable, but
> quite slow.
> Luke.
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