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Edgar Sigal esigal at insidewire.com
Wed Aug 16 01:37:05 UTC 2006

Thanks for getting back to me.
I come from an IT background well rooted in Linux services ie Apache, MySql
DNS. But when it comes to distro, I have always been most comfortable with
Redhat / Fedora.  I am willing to try mini myth for the front end EPIA
motherboard, but for the backend I would still like to keep Fedora.

Can the current release of minimyth (Minimyth-0.5.1) be used with the most
recent MythTv backend?

I am still wondering if it will be easier to net boot or boot from USB?


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On 8/15/06, Edgar Sigal <esigal at insidewire.com> wrote:
> I have an EPIA SP13000 that is currently running as both front and backend
> (FC5).
> I would like to split the front and backend keeping the EPIA box as front
> end. I would also like to remove the hard drive (SATA 250 GB) for use in
> backend.
> Challenges:
> 1) Diskless boot: via PXE or USB key
> Can I do a PXE boot if I already have a linksys router acting as DHCP
> server?
> Would it not be faster to boot from USB key rather than over the network
> (100 baseT)?
> I have tested the key on the EPIA and by changing the hard drive boot
> it does try and boot from the USB key.
> FYI: when I set to USB:ZIP it would not boot, I had to keep it as hard
> drive.
> How do I do a fresh install on the USB key?
> Can I add a boot option to the Fedora install DVD to load USB dirvers?
> Is it possible to copy the current /boot root partitions over to the USB
> key?
> 2) need new IR
> Since my PVR-150 card will be moving to the backend, I will need to set up
> new IR for the front end.
> The case has an IR (Tranquil-T2) with 3 pins, can this be connected to
> serial port some how?
> Or should I take a cheapo BTTV card I have and just use the IR port on
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Edgar Sigal
> _______________________________________________

If you are familiar enough with Linux, I suggest you not use Fedora
for this.  http://linpvr.org has mini-myth ( a distro designed for the
Epia boards ) or use something like Gentoo or a Debian flavor.  Mainly
because these options provide more flexibility from the end user on
tailoring it to your needs (A usb device).  It can certainly be done
with Fedora, but I think less modding would be necessary if you used a
distro designed to work better with your customizing.

If you choose to go NFS, it's a fast boot process.  I don't know how
fast you are looking for, but a network booting machine on my network
is maybe 2-5 seconds slower than my hard drive booting machines (of
the similar layout/daemon starting, etc).

2.  IR:  I would grab a serial receiver from http://irblaster.info and
just configure my system to use it as my receiver.  It's a cheap (and
easy) solution, and the SP13000 do have serial connectors, so if it's
not being used, it's a good option.


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