[mythtv-users] Choosing a HDTV for myth usage

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 20:35:31 UTC 2006

Hello Myth list,

I'm looking at buying a HDTV this week and have been spending the last few
weeks doing some reading about TVs and trying to narrow my list down.

I'm down to 3 TVs:
 LG 32" LC2D, LG 37" LC2D, and Samsung 32" LNS3251D.

Now to my eyes, the picture between the Samsung and LGs looks strikingly
similar, but I've come a cross something that may be a deal breaker.
Both TVs have a native res of 1366x768 and have HDMI & VGA inputs.  I own a
HDMI->DVI cable and planned to use that.

The Samsung TV indicates in its manual that it supports 1366x768 as an input
resolution and even provides necessary information to create a modeline on
page 39.  However, if I go back to page 14 of the manual, it indicates that
PC input is only supported on the VGA input.  Now i'm not sure if this is
just them covering their butt if something doesn't work, or if it flat out
won't take 1366x768 on the HDMI.

The LG TVs on the other hand, their manuals indicate that the maximum PC
resolution available is 1024x768.  If this is true, then LG is out of the

A week ago (before I read the manuals), I went into the store briefly with a
port replicator that I borrowed from work and used for DVI output on my
thinkpad.  Using fglrx drivers, I was able to spit out 1280x720 on both TVs
via EDID info, but neither 1360x768 or 1366x768 was generated automatically
by EDID info.  I wasn't about to start trying to generate a modeline for
these TVs in the store :)
Now, I didn't pay close enough attention to see if the 1280x720 on the LG TV
was just being downscaled to 1024x768 and upscaled back to 1366x768.  I
probably can't get the replicator again to go look either.

Now does anyone own these TVs that could dispel these myths about these two
Does the Sammie really only accept the 1366x768 on VGA?  Does it actually do
a pixel for pixel acurate display then?  What is the max it will really take
on the HDMI?

And the LG's, what are they really doing with PC inputs, both on VGA and

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