[mythtv-users] Persistant Hanging

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 02:42:58 UTC 2006

> 1. HANGING - after about 8 hrs the system hangs - it displays the menu or
> whatever was being watchign in frozen state and does not respond to any
> keystrokes.

I was getting system lock ups and have tried a few things like
updating the kernel and turning apci in grub. I also changed my video
card (for other reasons). The lockups have been much less frequent but
have not altogether vanished - I got one last night - but it's a lot
better. This probably doesn't help that much as I think it was
swapping out the video card that made the biggest difference but
really it was a bit of luck rather than careful detective work. The
main problem was that there was zilch anywhere in the logs to help
highlight the cause.


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