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Did you re attache the drive to exactly the same controller and position?
 The "sda" can determined by the controller, cable connection postion and
the SCSI IS set by pin jumpers on the drive. Also is the SCSI chain
terminated properly?

/dev/sda normally refers to the first SCSI ID postion on the first SCSI

Can you get output from fdisk -l /dev/sda?

Try other SCSI devices to see if they are seen correctly; i.e.
/dev/sdb,/dev/sdc etc.



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>> Well, it was working (despite the loud clicking) before I shut down
and disconnected it.  After booting up with the drive re-connected, it
>> to be running physically, but the "Device /dev/sda not found." error was
>> confusing to me as well.  I assume that this is why the other commands
>> not working.  Should linux have picked up the /dev/sda on boot once it
>> re-connected, despite my earlier mistake of booting once without it
> Spinning is not enough for a drive to work. To me it sounds like you
have a fatal drive head crash where one of the read/write heads have
hit the drive platter itself (normally the heads float on a very fine
layer of air just above the platter but not actually in contact) which
causes physical damage to the heads and the dirve platters. If the
damage is so severe the heads will not read anything.
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