[mythtv-users] Channel browsing with multiple satellite positions

Lasse Farner lfarner at start.no
Mon Aug 14 21:22:52 UTC 2006

The latest SVN no longer gives you the option to browse the channels in the desired order if you have more than one sat input.  Instead, one has to key in a channel  (if you can remember it) that is known to be on the other satellite, or open the program guide (EPG) to manually select the new channel on the other sat-pos. This has been discussed before, and to my horror accepted as the "new way" of doing thing":


The new method is obiously not working well for users of DVB-S with diseq-switches and multiple sat positions.  Most scandinavians have the basic package distributed between two providers on two different satellites (1W and 5E).  If we wanted these two providers separated while browsing we would arrange the channels that way.  The "new" way of browsing has no benefits for us multiple-sat-diseq-users, only causing headache and angry spouses, and I really hope that it will be made optional in the future.

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