[mythtv-users] Tivo-ish media player options [Feature Suggestion] [Virtual TV Station]

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Mon Aug 14 13:58:31 UTC 2006

	Presently, I am using my MythTV setup 
as a distributed Video jukebox. With things
like "station identification" slowly taking
over the entire screen on some channels, I
am seriously contemplating giving up on 
broadcast channels.

        Now there are some UI features of 
the Tivo that I've come to like quite a 
bit. One of those is the ability to go back
into a video and start it where you left
off. Does any of the Myth integrated stuff
or external video players do this sort of
thing? If Xine is deactivated for whatever
reason (including the daily power hit), I 
would like to not lose my place in the show.

  	Something else I am interested in
is the ability to present an entire subsection
of the video collection as "NEXT" or "RANDOM".

	This would be useful for if you had 
a complete set of episode recordings for 
something that ran a long time (like MASH)
or something that just comes in many small
pieces (like SpongeBob).

        Rather than have to wade through 
80 Trek episdoes, it would be nice to just
have a stream of them that you pick up when
you want to... like a virtual TV station.

        Ideally, there would be a MythVideo
presentation option that's nothing more than
a short list of Series Recordings and Genres
that you could make the NEXT/RANDOM selection

         I've only got 650G of unaltered isos
and vobs online and it's already starting to
get unwieldy. My backend can accomodate 3
more drives and I might be able to squeeze
even more onto all of that with mpeg4

         The virtual TV station would be a
handy idea...

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