[mythtv-users] Installation on EPIA VIA EN15000

Rod Emerson rod at emerson.id.au
Mon Aug 14 10:29:11 UTC 2006

White Joe wrote:
> I am planning a MythTV FE/BE on an EPIA EN15000 using the instructions at http://groundstate.ca/c3mythtv as a HOWTO springboard.  Does anyone in the know have any comments on the instructions supplied there, or suggestions as to a better source of authoritative knowledge?
> Thanks,
> jw

Looks like openchrome.org driver (XvMC) works
with the CN700, kernel 2.6.17-rc2 (alsa) works
with VT1618, I imagine the NIC & sata would
work with a recent kernel (but didn't bother
looking that up).

You might have problems if you want HD output
but SD will be OK.

I have some SP13000 + 0.19-fixes notes here :
It works so well that it's boring :)

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