[mythtv-users] SBS Mebourne DVB Linux 2.6.16 mythtv broken

Philip Nelson phatfil at optusnet.com.au
Sun Aug 13 22:52:34 UTC 2006

On Mon, August 14, 2006 8:06 am, Ben wrote:
> No,
>      I haven't needed to try it
Sorry I was asking Brian if he'd tried it since he was having the issue.

> ...
> You mention that you are reluctant to go back to 2.6.17, why not simply
> set grub/ lilo so you can boot whichever kernel you like to test if this
> fix will work?
This is what I do - but it's not a development machine and a few people
get annoyed with me each time I reboot it :)

I guess I'll give it a go anyway and see if the lock timeout setting fixes
things, as 2.6.17 has a few fixes I need for other bits of hardware anyway
(but tuning to ABC and SBS are more important to me at the moment since
they're really the only channels I watch)


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