[mythtv-users] HD Audio stutters after 30 seconds of good playback

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sun Aug 13 14:55:50 UTC 2006

Resending because last post never appeared.

Using recent 0.19 fixes svn, when I play a 720p HD
content from either ABC or Fox, the digital audio will play
fine for about 30 seconds and then start to stutter.  If
I FF or RW, I'll get another 30 good seconds then more stutters.
I know its the playback because if I RR and play the same
content again it will play fine as long as its within the 30 second
window.  If I just pause and resume playback, the stuttering will
resume faster but there will still be some good playback.

This is the same machine that before couldn't play this 720 content
at all with 0.19 straight, but the fixes tree has corrected the
Prebuffering pauses sufficiently enough to allow watching, it plays
pretty good.  I'm using XvMC Nvidia for all content.

The stuttering can be heard, and I can also see my audio receiver
status lights flickering as well.

CBS/NBC HD content audio/video plays fine.  Audio sync for both forms is
good.  There isn't anything on the FE console when the stutters occur.

I've tried both the extra audio buffering and without, no
noticeable difference.

My frontend is config to output to /dev/adsp, via an optical cable
to the surround sound receiver.  The receiver status shows its getting
a full digital signal.  The sound card is a Chaintech AV710.
CPU during playback is about 50-60% and nothing else is running
on either the FE or BE machines.  The BE / NFS server is connected
on a 1Gb network to the FE.  I've tried both NFS and myth:// network

Does anyone have any clues to fix or how to help diagnose the 
problem (sticking dumps in code, etc).

Thanks for the help.


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