[mythtv-users] Audi sync problems with Mytharchive dvds

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Aug 13 12:53:58 UTC 2006

Dom H wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> It starts out of sync and stays the same, video is delayed slightly.
> Dom
OK in that case it may be fixable by just giving mplex the correct 
--sync-offset parameter.

I see from your other thread that you are in the UK like me. What 
channel was the file recorded from? I'd really like to be able to 
reproduce this myself so I can try a few ideas on how to fix it but 
haven't been able to record anything so far that fails for me!. If I 
can't get a recording that reproduces the problem I may need a small 
sample file from you. 

Paul H.

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