[mythtv-users] Persistant Hanging

Stuart Larson halcyon at obfus.com
Thu Aug 10 17:55:59 UTC 2006

> Hello:
> I've been running my knoppyixmyth system on an IBM Netvista with a
> Hauppague
> dual head turner.  The system has two major problems that I'm at a loss to
> fix (I've spent the past several months trying to find the answers):
> 1. HANGING - after about 8 hrs the system hangs - it displays the menu or
> whatever was being watchign in frozen state and does not respond to any
> keystrokes.
> 2. TIME DRIFT - it always seems to drift off about 1300 seconds - so
> everytime I go to watch TV or a DVD I run the "ntpdate (server)" command
> and
> it synchs and is fine for a few hours.
> Any pointers to advice on either problem would be awsome.  I'm kind of at
> my
> wits end on the system.  It could be SO much better - but as it the
> recorings are almost always off, the system is always hung when I turn it
> on, and those two problems are stopping me from doing anything really
> "kewl"
> with it - becuase all the time I spend is spent looking for the solutions
> to
> problems 1 + 2.
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For #1 - are you seeing any overheating at all with the system.  Have you
run a memory tester like memtest86?  Are there any scheduled tasks that
are running at this time that may correlate to the lockup?

For #2, check out ntpd, which is a daemon version of ntpdate... I'm not
sure of the specifics on setting it up on Knoppmyth, however.


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