[mythtv-users] Issues with guide.xml & channels.conf (Sydney, AU)

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Thu Aug 10 04:49:41 UTC 2006

Daniel Walton wrote:
> I got mine to work by:
> #1 - adding the new video source which created channels by downloading info from
> datadirect.  These have the correct xmltv IDs but you can't tune them in at this
> point.
> #2 - bind the new video source to my dvb card
> #3 - import my channels.conf file.  The channels created were numbered 501, 502,
> etc just like you saw.  It sounds like your dvbscan picked up a name for each
> channel so you were lucky :) I had to flip through each channel, watch the show
> for a few minutes and compare it to the channel guide to figure out what I was
> watching.
> #4 - Use the mythweb channel editor to copy the xmltv IDs from the channels
> created in step #1 to the channels created in step #3.  I also renumbered step
> #3 channels from 501/502 to the correct #s and I marked the step #1 channels for
> deletion.
> Then I did a mythfilldatabase and everything was working.
> Daniel

Thanks Daniel

Unfortunately mine does not seem to be working like that. Here's how I 
went about it...(note this IS a test system)

dropped mythconverge

simlink rexXXXX.pl to /usr/bin/tv_grab_au

Fired up mythtv-setup

Did general setup
Defined my card
create new video source called digital-fta
as I exited from there Myth fired up tv_grab_au (rex.pl)
defined time offset, region, fta only, channels named <channel>.free.au 
e.g. abc.free.au
saved config
did not grab data
Myth returns control

Bind digital-fta to dvb0

Check Channel Setup but nothing in there...

This is the point I am at for the 3rd time.....previously

I would have now imported channels.conf via Channel Setup -> Scan -> 
Import from channels.conf
run mythfilldatabase
try and rematch channels to guide data without success...

HELP!! :)


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