[mythtv-users] feature suggestion: pause at end of playback

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Aug 9 18:02:15 UTC 2006

* On Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 11:37:09AM -0400, Preston Crow wrote:
> > I'd rather see a request that commercial flagging be fixed to not  
> > skip the last part of the recording. :)

perfect_commercial_detection.diff paches are very welcome. :)

> Or just change it so that if there's no commercial break ending flagged,
> then trying to skip the commercial does nothing.  We can never expect
> commercial flagging to be perfect.

I think that the flagger always puts in an ending mark.  The flagger
probably just thought the last couple minutes were commercial for
whatever reason.

The OP didn't say whether this was user-initiated or auto-skip,
but I think the situation could be resolved by just modifying a couple
'if' statements in those two sections of code.  Adding a piece of code
to say 'don't skip if the end marker is at the end of the recording' should
be fairly easy.

Again, patches welcome.  I think the places to look are around line 5426
and 5575 in NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp.


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