[mythtv-users] Issues with guide.xml & channels.conf (Sydney, AU)

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Wed Aug 9 16:30:24 UTC 2006

Hi Aussies

I finally got my Myth box connected to TV card. I installed my Compro 
Videomate DVB-T300 yesterday and got it working. Currently I am only 
able to get ABC, 7 & Ten due to my aerial being a high band, not a wide 
band. Strangely enough, it is pointed at Illawarra for my analog 
channels but picks up digital from Gore Hill, not Illawarra!


I have a guide.xml produced by the new rex.pl script (thanks BTW, 
excellent stuff!) which defines the channels as ABC, ABC2, Nine, SBS, 7 
and TEN.

But, when I created my channels.conf via dvbscan, it returns things like 
ABC TV Sydney, 7 Digital 1, Ten Digital 1 etc etc. After I imported  
channels.conf into Myth and then did a mythfilldatabase --file 0 -1 
/home/mythtv/guide.xml, nothing matches up and the channels as defined 
in the guide.xml are included. I tried setting the ones imported via 
channels.conf to the XMLTV ID's (abc.free.au, seven.free.au etc defined 
in running the rex script) but that does not seem to work - nothing 
shows on the Guide pages.

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone fill me in on the right way to 
do things? Does anyone have a channels.conf that either defines north 
shore channels or the illawarra channels (or both)?

Getting so close to having this work. My wife is even open to getting a 
new aerial as she can now see the potential. She wants Rove recorded as 
she misses it due to us watching something else, and my kids have 
ordered the Simpsons. I recorded Spicks & Specks on  a manual recording 
so it happened while I was out walking the dog. When I got back I showed 
her and she was impressed.

Anyway, I would appreciate any assistance


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