[mythtv-users] Compiling MythTV 0.19 fixes

Joacim J jocke4news at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 15:02:39 UTC 2006

I have already disabled the Fedora Sound System and are using ALSA and
executed configure as follows with no better result.
Any idea?

[mythtv at htpc mythtv]$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mythtv-0.19a --enable-xvmc
--enable-lirc --enable-audio-alsa --enable-audio-oss --enable-audio-jack
--enable-audio-arts --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-dvd --enable-dvb
--enable-firewire --enable-ivtv --enable-joystick-menu --enable-proc-opt
--enable-dts --disable-audio-arts
# Basic Settings
Compile type     release
Compiler cache   no
DistCC           no
Install prefix   /opt/mythtv-0.19a
CPU              x86_64 (model name     : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+)
Big Endian       no
MMX enabled      yes
Vector Builtins  yes

# Input Support
Joystick menu    yes
lirc support     no
Video4Linux sup. yes
ivtv support     yes
FireWire support no
DVB support      yes [/usr/include]
DBox2 support    yes

# Sound Output Support
OSS support      yes
ALSA support     yes
aRts support     no
JACK support     yes
DTS passthrough  no

# Video Output Support
x11 support      yes
xrandr support   yes
xv support       no
XvMC support     no
XvMC VLD support yes
XvMC pro support no
XvMC libs
OpenGL vsync     yes
DirectFB         no

# Misc Features
DVD playback     no
Frontend         yes
Backend          yes

Creating libs/libmyth/mythconfig.h and libs/libmyth/mythconfig.mak

WARNING: When using --enable-proc-opt you must include the
         output of ./configure along with any bug report.

// Joacim

On 8/9/06, William <wmunson at rochester.rr.com> wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> I am trying to compile MythTV on Fedora Core 5 but can not configure "DTS
> Passthrough" and "DVD Playback". I have installed libdca, libdvdnav and
> libdvdnav-devel among other libs. Can still not get it set. The result is:
> ---------------------------
> Disable the arts sound system and compile using alsa/oss. Also be sure to
> disable arts in your mythtv user account.
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