[mythtv-users] About to buy a tuner card that isn't well discussed, thoughts?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 05:18:43 UTC 2006


I have been looking at alternative "hardware" encoding cards to the
Hauppauge flavors.  There doesn't seem to be a 'good' document on any
of the alternatives, so I guess I'm either on my own (buy one, try it.
 Buy another try it...) unless others have some info I haven't found.
Specifically, the next card I'm looking at getting to test with is a
PowerColor T55E-P03 PCI-x (x1) card.  It claims hardware encoding (and
from it's system req's I'd guess it actually does) but I don't know
how well linux support is for the chipset on this card.  The chipset
is an: ATI THEATER 550 PRO according to the website.  I assume I
should be googling the chipset rather than the card, but there still
doesn't seem to be a lot of info on the chipset and linux...

If nobody has any info, no problem, I'll be the guinee (sp?) pig.
However, if someone has some info on this card and linux, I'd like to
hear about it!



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