[mythtv-users] MythTV causing System to break down!

Jean-Marc Melchior luxballer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 03:40:36 UTC 2006

as only an intermediate level linux user I was able to set up MythTV  
and customize it to my liking.
However recently I got hunted by this "mysterious" phenomenon, after  
a certain amount of time MythTV stops recording and all recorded  
shows are deleted, which is really weird.
After seeing this I realized that the problem is that my dev/hda2 is  
running out of diskspace.
I partitioned my 160GB Disk like this:
dev/hda1	/boot	100MB	ext3
dev/hda2	/		10GB	ext3
dev/hda3	/swap	512MB	swap
dev/hda5	/video	140GB	jfs

the dev/hda2 only holds a minimal amount of packages from the Fedora  
Core 5 installation, so it shouldn't be anywhere close to 10GB, of  
course it holds the user folders and therefore some of the MythTV  
files are on it, so I am guessing that it must be log files or  
something like that that blow it up.

So my questions are:
1) how can I find which files MythTV is saving here to blow up disk  
2) how could I move everything MythTV related to /video (which I  
probably won't be able to do, because Im not really familiar with MySQL
3) obviously I cant get in X right now so how do i do everything from  
the command line?

well I now that this is a noob question, but I tried my very best to  
figure everything out myself, and Ive been stuck with this for 2  
days, and I just cant figure out how to solve this


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