[mythtv-users] Change channels with cell phones

Chris Weisiger cweisiger at i-55.com
Wed Aug 9 02:39:55 UTC 2006

Jimmy Hedman wrote:

>>I just bought a samsung d-407 with bluetooth capability.
>>Is it possible to use it to change channels with a cell phone like this
>>I just read up alot about streaming video to a cell phone.
>>what about changing channels?
>I don't know about Samsung, but SonyEricsson's mobiles could be used as a
>customisable BTHID device. You could create a mapping to any
>key-combination and also mouse events. This works amazing and when I get
>some spare time I will create a good MythTV-mapping.
>// Jimmy
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So in theory since my phone has bluetooth, I should be able to do 
something with it?

This is what it says for my bluetooth services:
1. headset
2. handsfree
3. Serial Port
4. Dialup
5. File Transfer
6. Object Push

So essentially I have the possibility of doing something to get my phone 
to do something with the bluetooth feature.

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