[mythtv-users] Success! at long last. Thanks

Shanon Mulley shanonmulleyster at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 23:40:50 UTC 2006

When I first built my machine, it was an Avermedia 771 DVB-T card.

I also have a DVICO Dual Digital in there now - I think I had the same
issue with that, but I'm not 100% sure. But I do know the Avermedia
had this problem.

I share the directory via Samba. Before my recent re-build, I had
mythweb set up so if I clicked on a recorded show in mythweb, from my
windows machine, it would instantly fire up videolan and play the
file, without having to buffer or anything (kind of streaming, but not
really). This involved making changes to both the windows and myth

Although this was really cool, I never actually used it, so I havnt
bothered doing it again since the rebuild.

On 8/9/06, H P Ladds <householdwords at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm finding that I must run my machine the same way. Which is odd because I
> just rechecked Jarod's HOWTO for FC4 and mythtv-set, mythtvbackend and
> mythfillmydatabase are to be run as $ -- the user mythtv.
> I just can't believe that this is not a more readily acknowleged situation.
> Perhaps it is a driver issue. What kind of capture card are you using?
> When you say that you are accessing the files from a windows machine. How
> are you doing that? via Samba, MySql?
> I don't mean to bombard you with questions. 'Tis a noobs life for me.
> Thanks,
> Preston
> On 8/7/06, Shanon Mulley <shanonmulleyster at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think you mis-understood what I meant.
> >
> > I have to administer mythtv as root, but I run it as a normal user.
> > This works fine, as the root user (which has access to the tv cards)
> > accesses the tv cards, while the mythtv client just reads from the
> > mythbackend service (I beleive).
> >
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