[mythtv-users] Modifying the video browsing

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Tue Aug 8 03:05:00 UTC 2006

> If you are open to it, I would love to help.

The opportunity to submit patches is open to everyone. If it is a good
patch, doesn't break MythVideo in a fundamental way, etc, the odds of it
making it in (eventually) are good.

> On a side not, you mention plot availability, I assume the code looks 
> for a field (defined in the ui.xml file) with a certain name.  If not
> found the data is skipped.  What would the name of the datafield be that
> the code is looking for the the plot data? video_plot?

Just "plot".

Allowing the theme file access to the information is a trivial change,
unfortunately I've been working on getting a number of less trivial changes
in and simply won't have time until after this release.

If you do make a patch, all I ask is that you wait for the .20 release and
send in patches against that.

Anduin Withers

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