[mythtv-users] Backend hardware advice - Power usage - RESULTS

Matthew McClement mythtv at macker.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 14:56:09 UTC 2006

dave johnson wrote:
> hey, on this note... does anybody have direct knowedge of power
> supplies that are specially designed to withstand short startup load
> bursts, but overall have much lower 100% duty capacity?  i just hate
> pouring energy out unused ps capacity.

Power supplies don't draw their maximum all the time(at least no modern
PC power supplies). Any decent power supply review will show you this, ie.:


(table about halfway down, look at the DC Output and AC Input columns.
Although that's a pretty crap powersupply by the looks of it). A good
power supply will be in the 70% range at lower wattage draws, usually
hitting the 80's as you get closer to it's maximum rated output.

David's recommendation of Seasonics is good, and I personally like Tagan
modular power supplies, mainly because they allow you to either split
the 12V rail or combine it if you need.


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