[mythtv-users] Weird coloured lines pattern with ATI Radeon 9800SE

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 13:37:11 UTC 2006


I have an ATI Radeon 9800SE card on a FC5 Frontend/Backend. I'm using the
fglrx 8.25 ATI drivers and mythtv svn (a few weeks old).

I've noticed recently (over the last couple of months - I think it happened
when I had FC3 too), sometimes I get weird patterned multicoloured lines
appearing on the screen.

Usually this happens when I play a 3D game. If I'm in the game for more than
around 5 minutes I get a strange line pattern appearing on the screen. If I
exit the game sometimes the lines go away, or I can restart X and get rid of
the lines.

I've just been recompiling SVN while watching a mythtv recording (from DVB),
when it gets to the iso639 library, I get this strange line pattern again.
The first time it happened I let it carry on for about 10 seconds, but then
the computer froze and I had to press the reset button. The second time it
happened I killed the make process and the lines went away.

A couple of months ago I played a game in Windows (this machine is
dual-boot), and that had graphics corruption after about 5 minutes too.

It seems similar to a problem I had when an old video card overheated, do
you think this could be the problem?

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


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