[mythtv-users] No sound after upgrade to FC5

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 21:16:15 UTC 2006

Dave wrote:
> Good morning, all.
> Been fighting this for weeks, and am at a loss.  Any ideas?
> Mythtv runs fine on Fedora Core 4.  My drive is dying, so I installed a 
> new drive and installed Fedora Core 5 - all other hardware is unchanged. 
> Sound on FC5 works fine everywhere except in mythtv and tvtime.  I can 
> still (dual) boot into either OS - FC4 works great, and FC5 doesn't have 
> sound.  Video works fine on both OSs. If I use mythtv to record a TV 
> show and play it on my laptop with mythtv, it works when recorded on 
> FC4, but there's no sound when recorded on FC5.
> The sound output of my Hauppauge WinTV goes to line-in on my sound card. 
>   I'm assuming that there's something somewhere that is not set to 
> capture the line-in from the sound card for mythtv.  "aplay /dev/dsp" 
> doesn't produce sound (same with dsp0, dsp1, adsp, adsp0 adsp1).
First, check to see if /dev/dsp actually exists. There are some reported
issues that /dev/dsp isn't created correctly by udev (I have this
problem on one of my FC5 computers). So, the first thing is to check
that /dev/dsp is there if you want to use oss.

However, I suggest that you use alsa instead of oss. FC5 comes with alsa
as the default.
See if you can play a wave file with alsa:

# aplay <a_test_file.wav>

Another place to look is at your mixer. Make sure that the faders are
up. Sometimes the default to all the way off.

> I'm not sure what system info is relevant, so will start with just the 
> kernel versions:
> 2.6.17-1.2157_FC5  (for Fedora Core 5)
> 2.6.13-1.1526_FC4  (for Fedora Core 4)
> Where do I start troubleshooting this?  I'm afraid my "old" drive is 
> going to die soon, and won't be able to use mythtv anymore.
> Thanks for any insight!
> Dave
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