[mythtv-users] No sound after upgrade to FC5

Dave mythtv at schooler.net
Sun Aug 6 18:33:54 UTC 2006

Good morning, all.

Been fighting this for weeks, and am at a loss.  Any ideas?

Mythtv runs fine on Fedora Core 4.  My drive is dying, so I installed a 
new drive and installed Fedora Core 5 - all other hardware is unchanged. 
Sound on FC5 works fine everywhere except in mythtv and tvtime.  I can 
still (dual) boot into either OS - FC4 works great, and FC5 doesn't have 
sound.  Video works fine on both OSs. If I use mythtv to record a TV 
show and play it on my laptop with mythtv, it works when recorded on 
FC4, but there's no sound when recorded on FC5.

The sound output of my Hauppauge WinTV goes to line-in on my sound card. 
  I'm assuming that there's something somewhere that is not set to 
capture the line-in from the sound card for mythtv.  "aplay /dev/dsp" 
doesn't produce sound (same with dsp0, dsp1, adsp, adsp0 adsp1).

I'm not sure what system info is relevant, so will start with just the 
kernel versions:

2.6.17-1.2157_FC5  (for Fedora Core 5)
2.6.13-1.1526_FC4  (for Fedora Core 4)

Where do I start troubleshooting this?  I'm afraid my "old" drive is 
going to die soon, and won't be able to use mythtv anymore.

Thanks for any insight!


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