[mythtv-users] CD ripping problem

Will Constable willconstable at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 15:14:19 UTC 2006

That must be it, thanks for the insight!


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On 08/03/2006 09:59 AM, Will Constable wrote:
> I am new to the whole CD ripping side of myth, but I figured I'd give 
> it a try last night and to my dismay it would just not cooperate. I 
> have a DVD-RW drive and a CD-RW drive, but the 'import cd' feature 
> only searches the cd-rw drive for a CD. When I put a CD in, it finds 
> the CDDB info, and when I say 'import cd', it just spins up and spins 
> down quickly, then ejects the disc. Dmesg says something like "cdrom:
> unknown format" or something to that effect, however it happens with 
> many CDS and they all play fine elsewhere.

Note that, IIRC, MythMusic fails to rip CD's that contain "CD extra" 
data (i.e. contain both CD audio data and CD-ROM data for computers). 
Many (most?) CD's these days are built like this. For these, you can rip 
the CD manually and add it to MythMusic.

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