[mythtv-users] Rex: a new tv_grab_au script

Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Sat Aug 5 02:18:45 UTC 2006

Um I get the following message when using the script through

Rex 1.2.0
error in conf file: Global symbol "$conf" requires explicit package name
at (eval 15) line 1, <> chunk 1.
Global symbol "$duplicate" requires explicit package name at (eval 15)
line 21, <> chunk 1.

It seems to run fine when I run it by itself.  Am I doing something


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> That means Rex failed to download a particular page. I've made it not 
> die on a single failure, and instead print out a more useful error
> You might want to keep an eye on it next time it runs, because Rex now

> takes some time to retry each failed page, and if there's something 
> causing them ALL to fail (e.g. no network), it'll take forever to

Thanks. I'll re-try tonight.

> Latest version 1.2.0 attached. There are a few other minor 
> improvements from 1.1.1 (like classifying movies correctly). As 
> always, also posted
> to: http://www.whuffy.com/tv_grab_au/

Cool! Though I have to say I'm disappointed because I recently spent
aaaaages writing something which would allow correct movie
classification and you've now made it redundant :)   Great move,
though, pardon the pun!

Actually on a more serious note, is there any reason why the data source
has to go into the XML file? I think this just opens us up to scrutiny
from certain areas which may be unwelcome. I'd like to suggest that the
source at the top of the file is removed or, if it's required to be a
correct DTD, then just put junk in there. What do folks think?

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