[mythtv-users] Gigabit switch

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Fri Aug 4 18:48:29 UTC 2006

Mark (home) <fairlane at springcom.com> says:
> I got really sick of phone calls from the wife while I was at work
> bi*ching about the internet and email not working because the
> switches needed rebooting.

I can't say I've experienced this in the more than seven months I've
used my SMC 8508T. This is on a four-computer (plus one Xbox) home
network with three gigabit clients--my frontend/backend and two
storage servers--and a classic WRT54G with DD-WRT third-party
firmware. In addition to the tremendous amount of traffic the 24/7
high-definition recording from three sources, commflagging, and
transcoding generate, BitTorrent's running all the time, too. The
switch has been 100% rock solid reliable with no need for rebooting
whatsoever. If anything, the symptoms you describe sound more like
what happened every so often to my router, before I moved to the
newest version of my third-party firmware and boosted the number of
permitted simultaneous connections to the maximum 4096.

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