[mythtv-users] Silverstone LC16M VFD MythTV support

Andrew Ingram adingram at clara.co.uk
Fri Aug 4 17:18:30 UTC 2006

> Check the settings in the last page of "Appearance". They 
> control what gets displayed.
> -- 
> Dan Wilga                                                     


Everything is enabled in the LCD bit of the Appearance settings menu.

I've done a bit more digging around and:

1) during startup, mythfrontend reports:
   Connecting to lcd server: localhost:6545 (try 1 of 10)
   which I assume to be OK.

2) Looking in my /var/log/user.log, I see:
   LCDd: error: huh? Invalid widget id
   LCDd: sock_send: socket write error
   LCDd: error: huh? Usage: widget_add <screenid> <widgetid> <widgettype> [
-in <id> ]

   which I assume is NOT ok.

Anyone have any ideas how to sort this out?


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