[mythtv-users] cannot schedule recordings

kavaumail-mythtv at yahoo.com kavaumail-mythtv at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 16:52:44 UTC 2006

Hi Folks,

I used to have MythTV 0.18 running on Ubuntu Breezy,
but then decided to upgrade to Dapper. After the
upgrade I was not able to schedule any recordings
anymore: my old recording schedules were simply
ignored. Setting up a new recording schedule in either
mythfrontend or mythweb just silently failed.

I then decided to throw away my old installation and
just install 0.19 from scratch, using the tarball from
mythtv.org. The installation went without a hitch, but
now I am facing exactly the same problem - I can watch
TV and record live TV, but I cannot schedule any

Any help would be appreciated - here is some more info
on my system:

Ubuntu 6.06
MythTV 0.19 (compiled from source)
MySQL 4.1


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