[mythtv-users] Wiki Week - an appeal

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 00:46:44 UTC 2006

On 8/3/06, glenn at grouphechler.com <glenn at grouphechler.com> wrote:
> What's a wiki?
> <crawls back under rock>
> Jus kiddin!  I'm not knowledgeable enough to add content but I do feel
> something being mentioned as "introduced in version x" or "obsoleted in
> version y" would help nicely.
> _______________________________________________

Actually that's a good point.  I think that people who are
knowledgeable might not always have (or want to take) the time to wiki
their info.  Providing info in a 'dump' in that situation is better
than spending 4x the amount of the time 'wikifying' your info.  Which
leaves pages un-wikified.  For those who aren't necessarily
knowledgeable with Myth usage/internals/plugins etc but understand how
to format a document and wikify a few pages could still help by doing
just that.

Similar to a Wysiwyg editor for people who don't necessarily want to
learn HTML (or don't want to spend the time hand coding it all) but
still have a need for a webpage.


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