[mythtv-users] Scheduling: prefer input

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu Aug 3 19:17:04 UTC 2006

John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> says:
> In SVN, one of the options when scheduling a recording is to
> selectect a "prefered" input to use.  I assume this just bumps the
> selected input's priority a notch when scheduling the show -- but if
> so, it is broken.

Bah. Whether or not it's broken, it seems to me the wrong approach; my
guess is someone who didn't realize the value and extent of the
already-existing functionality either asked for or actually wrote a
patch for SVN. The beauty of the approach I outlined is that it
maintains the decoupling of program sources and recording schedules,
which this option breaks.

> Checking my cardinput priorities, I found that both my firewire and
> analog cardinput were set at the same priority.  I bumped the firewire
> cardinput priority up a couple of points, and now the scheduler *is*
> selected to record that show off of ESPNHD instead of ESPN.

Glad to hear it. Also, keep in mind the strong possibility that the
FireWire source was simply already occupied with another
recording. Perhaps one scheduled to at 8:59 when the program you
wanted started at 9:00? Or, more subtly, a program listed as starting
at 8:59 on ESPNHD and 9:00 on ESPN? (Not that I know I've seen such an
event happen, but it's certainly theoretically possible, because HD
and non-HD versions of the same channel use different XMLTV IDs.)

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