[mythtv-users] Wiki Week - an appeal

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 18:35:43 UTC 2006

> When you read through the wiki it is often not apparent to which version
> things are referring. I currently run a 0.18.x production system. I think
> most of the wiki non-explicitly targets 0.19.x. In the near future (next
> couple of months... please!) we'll be seeing 0.20.x being released.

My thought is that if you are running 0.15, you probably aren't going
to be browsing the wiki that often.  The wiki, as I see it, is a
useful tool for people actively working with (be it installing,
configuring, developing, tweaking, etc) MythTV.  These "people" are
probably typically running the 'latest and greatest' version.  Those
running 0.15 are sitting on their couch *using* their system.  When
0.15 was being developed and shortly after it's release, any
'features' were discussed (or were on the wiki) at that time.  Because
very few (any?) new users would be installing 0.15, having a wiki page
discussing how to enable XV in 0.15 seems very useless and misguiding.
 Even if it is noted which version it is referring to, someone without
a clue about myth may come across that page and say "I can't believe
the work you have to do to get Xv working with that app, I will look
at something else".  Hence the need for constant vigilance on the wiki
to keep it up to date with latest versions.

IMHO gossamer threads (or any other mailing list mirror) is where the
information is available for those running older versions; as noted
it's 'frozen' in time, perfect reason to use it for the rare occasion
someone running 0.15 comes along and wants to know how to enable XV.
(BTW, I don't know if there were issues enabling XV in 0.15, it was
just my example :D ).

The exception I see is SVN.  If something is being documented in the
wiki that only applies to current SVN, it should be noted, and upon
release of the next version that includes the new feature, should be
updated to remove the note.

Though I agree, less discussion on version info and more wiki input, I
think it's fair to have the discussion on what content is relevant to
be placed in the wiki.


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